Uma Musume Pretty Derby Tier List (July 2024)

Discover the ultimate Uma Musume Pretty Derby tier list! We've ranked the best horses from S Tier to C Tier, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses. Find out which Uma Musume characters excel on the track and dominate the races.

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S Tier

Tokai Teio
Exceptional speed and stamina, making her a top contender in any race
Mejiro McQueen
Incredible endurance and powerful finishing sprints
Rice Shower
Superior acceleration and versatility on different track types

A Tier

Symboli Rudolf
Strong overall stats and consistent performance
Grass Wonder
High speed and agility, with a strong finishing kick
Nice Nature
Balanced attributes with a focus on resilience and adaptability

B Tier

Silence Suzuka
High-speed stats but weaker endurance
Haru Urara
Good speed and agility but lacks in stamina
Daiwa Scarlet
Solid performance with balanced speed and stamina but less specialized

C Tier

Biwa Hayahide
Decent speed but lacks in overall strength and endurance
Manhattan Cafe
Good stamina but slower speed and acceleration
Mayano Top Gun
Versatile but average in most attributes without standout strengths