Solo Leveling Arise Hunter Tier List (June 2024)

Conquer the world of Solo Leveling Arise with this comprehensive tier list of the game's top hunters. Learn about the strengths and weaknesses of each character to build the ultimate team and dominate the competition.

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S Tier

Cha Hae-In
The undisputed queen of Solo Leveling Arise, Cha Hae-In is a DPS monster who can unleash devastating damage with her lightning-based attacks. Her skills are not only powerful but also have a wide range of effects, making her a menace in both single-target and AoE situations

A Tier

Min Byung-Gu
A versatile tank with incredible defense and crowd control capabilities, Min Byung-Gu is the cornerstone of many successful teams. His ability to protect his allies while disrupting enemies makes him a highly sought-after hunter
Choi Jong-In
A master of both offense and defense, Choi Jong-In is a well-rounded hunter who can adapt to various combat situations. His skills deal respectable damage while also providing valuable support effects, making him a true all-rounder
Emma Laurent
An expert in AoE damage and debuffs, Emma Laurent excels at controlling the battlefield and weakening her foes. Her skills can inflict significant damage to multiple enemies at once, making her a nightmare for large groups of monsters
Seo Jiwoo
A jack-of-all-trades hunter, Seo Jiwoo can effectively fulfill multiple roles, including tanking, DPS, and support. Her versatility makes her a valuable asset in any team composition. Baek Yonhoo (Silver Mane): A burst damage specialist, Baek Yonhoo unleashes devastating attacks that can quickly eliminate powerful enemies. However, his reliance on cooldowns makes him somewhat less consistent than other

B Tier

Kang Taeshik
A melee DPS hunter with strong single-target damage, Kang Taeshik is a solid choice for dealing with bosses and other high-priority targets. However, his lack of AoE capabilities limits his versatility
Lee Bora
A ranged DPS hunter with consistent damage output, Lee Bora is a reliable source of damage in any team. Her skills have good range and accuracy, making her effective at picking off enemies from a distance
Lim Tae-Gyu
A tank with a focus on damage mitigation, Lim Tae-Gyu can effectively protect his allies from harm. However, his lack of crowd control abilities makes him less versatile than other tanks
Nam Chae-Young
A support hunter who specializes in healing and buffs, Nam Chae-Young can keep her team alive and enhance their performance. However, her lack of offensive capabilities makes her more reliant on her teammates
Hwang Dongsoo
A versatile hunter with a mix of damage and support abilities, Hwang Dongsoo can provide a bit of everything to a team. However, his lack of specialization makes him less effective in specific roles
Park Heejin
A support hunter who focuses on cleansing debuffs and increasing attack power, Park Heejin can enhance her team's overall effectiveness. However, her lack of healing abilities limits her supportive capabilities

C Tier

Kim Chul
A melee DPS hunter with decent damage output, Kim Chul is outclassed by other DPS hunters in his tier. His lack of unique skills or abilities makes him a less attractive choice
Yoo Jinho
A tank with some crowd control capabilities, Yoo Jinho is a decent choice for early-game content. However, his lack of defense and damage mitigation makes him fall off in later stages of the game