PGR Tier List (July 2024)

Discover the ultimate Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) tier list, ranking the best characters in the game from S Tier to C Tier. Find out which characters are the most powerful and versatile, and learn about their unique abilities and strengths to optimize your team for victory.

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S Tier

Lucia - Crimson Abyss
A high-damage melee fighter with exceptional agility and powerful sword techniques
Karenina - Ember
A ranged attacker with explosive damage potential and effective crowd control abilities
Liv - Lux
A top-tier support unit with excellent healing and shield capabilities, essential for keeping the team alive

A Tier

Lee - Entropy
A versatile fighter with good damage output and debuff skills, making him useful in various situations
Kamui - Bastion
A tanky character with strong defensive skills and the ability to protect teammates from harm
Bianca - Veritas
A powerful sniper with high burst damage and long-range attack capabilities

B Tier

Watanabe - Nightblade
A swift and agile fighter with decent damage but lacks the survivability of higher-tier characters
Nanami - Pulse
A balanced unit with a mix of offense and defense but doesn’t excel in either area
Ayla - Brilliance
A support unit with moderate healing abilities and some utility skills

C Tier

Sophia - Silverfang
A lower-tier character with limited damage output and survivability, often overshadowed by other supports
Lucia - Dawn
An early-game character who falls off in effectiveness compared to more advanced units
Liv - Eclipse
A healer with basic abilities that are less impactful in high-level gameplay