Monster Never Cry Tier List (July 2024)

Explore the definitive tier list for Monster Never Cry, featuring detailed descriptions and rankings of characters in S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier. Discover the strengths and weaknesses of each character and gain insights into building the most formidable team for epic battles.

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S Tier

The Immortal Warlord
A formidable warrior known for his unmatched strength and indomitable will. His skills in combat are legendary, making him a top contender in any battle
The Arcane Sorceress
Master of powerful magic spells, she can unleash devastating attacks on her enemies. Her ability to control the elements gives her a significant advantage
The Shadow Assassin
A stealthy and agile fighter, capable of dealing lethal blows without being detected. His swift movements and deadly precision make him a deadly foe

A Tier

The Divine Paladin
A holy warrior blessed with divine powers, he can heal allies and smite enemies with righteous fury. His resilience in battle makes him a valuable asset
The Elemental Shaman
Harnessing the forces of nature, he can summon elemental creatures and unleash elemental attacks. His versatility in combat makes him a versatile choice
The Mystic Enchanter
Skilled in enchantments and illusions, she can confuse and manipulate enemies with her spells. Her cunning tactics make her a formidable opponent

B Tier

The Savage Berserker
Fueled by rage, he charges into battle with reckless abandon. While his strength is undeniable, his lack of control can be a liability
The Cunning Trickster
Master of deception and trickery, he can outwit opponents with clever strategies and traps. His unpredictability makes him a tricky opponent to face
The Swift Ranger
A skilled archer and tracker, she excels at ranged combat and scouting. Her speed and agility give her an edge in maneuverability

C Tier

The Plague Doctor
Specializing in poisons and diseases, he can weaken enemies and disrupt their abilities. However, his frailty in direct combat puts him at a disadvantage
The Arcane Scholar
Knowledgeable in arcane lore, he can cast powerful spells but lacks physical prowess. His reliance on magic makes him vulnerable in close-quarters combat
The Brutal Warlord
A brutal and aggressive fighter, he relies on sheer force to overwhelm opponents. However, his lack of finesse and strategy can be exploited by more skilled adversaries