Lucky Defense Tier List (July 2024)

Discover the best defensive items in our comprehensive Lucky Defense tier list. From Legendary Shields in the S Tier to basic Leather Armor in the C Tier, find out which items offer the best protection and durability to enhance your gameplay.

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S Tier

Dragon Armor
Exceptional defense and special abilities make it the top choice for any player
Phoenix Shield
Provides unmatched protection and unique healing properties

A Tier

Silver Guard
Offers strong defensive capabilities with a balance of durability and flexibility
Titan Helm
High defense stats and useful passive skills make it a reliable choice

B Tier

Knight's Breastplate
Good protection with some additional benefits, though not as versatile as higher-tier items
Guardian Cloak
Provides decent defense and a few useful perks, but lacks the power of A and S tier items

C Tier

Iron Shield
Basic defense stats without any special features, suitable for early stages of the game
Leather Armor
Offers minimal protection and no significant advantages, best used as a temporary solution