Limbus Company Tier List (July 2024)

Limbus Company is a gacha game that was released in 2023. The game has a unique combat system that is based on using cards to attack enemies. There are many different characters to collect, each with their own unique abilities.

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S Tier

Cinq Sinclair
Effloresced E.G.O::Spicebush Yi Sang
Lobotomy E.G.O::Regret Faust
The Middle Little Sister Don Quixote
Tingtang Gang Gangleader Hong Lu

A Tier

Blade Lineage Salu
Faust (Seven Assoc. South Section 4)
Hook Office Fixer Hong Lu
K Corp. Class 3 Excision Staff Hong Lu
Liu Ishmael
Liu Rodion
Lobotomy Corp. Remnant Faust
Molar Boatworks Fixer Ishmael
The One Who Grips Faust
The Pequod First Mate Yi Sang
W Corp. L3 Cleanup Agent Yi Sang

B Tier

Don Quixote (Lobotomy E.G.O::Lantern)
Gregor (Liu Assoc. South Section 4)
Heathcliff (R Corp. 4th Pack Rabbit)
Ishmael (Seven Assoc. South Section 4)
Meursault (Blade Lineage Mentor)
Ryōshū (Seven Assoc. South Section 6)
Sinclair (Zwei Association South Section 4)

C Tier

Atis (LCB Center)
Corporal Gregor (Kurokumo Clan Wakashu)
Faust (W Corp.)
Heathcliff (Dieci South Section 4)
Hong Lu (LCB Center)
Miro (Rose Spanner Workshop Fixer)
Muro (Tank or Support)
Rosu (LCB Assistant Manager)
Sunshower (Labotomy Ego)