Hearthstone Arena Tier List (July 2024)

Discover the ultimate Hearthstone Arena Tier List. From S Tier game-changers to C Tier fillers, find out which cards will give you the best chance of dominating the Arena and achieving victory.

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S Tier

Firelands Portal
Deals significant damage while summoning a powerful minion
Abyssal Enforcer
Provides a board clear while developing a strong minion
Deathstalker Rexxar
Transforms your hero power and offers incredible value over time

A Tier

Flame Geyser
Provides efficient removal and generates an extra minion
Buffs a minion significantly and provides a strong body
Argent Commander
Offers charge and divine shield, making it versatile for removal or direct damage

B Tier

Fire Plume Phoenix
Deals damage and provides a decent body
Shroom Brewer
Heals and offers a reasonable stat line for its cost
Stonehill Defender
A taunt minion that discovers another taunt minion, providing potential value

C Tier

Grim Necromancer
Summons additional minions but with weaker stats overall
Boulderfist Ogre
A large minion that lacks any special abilities or impact
Raven Caller
Generates extra cards but with less impactful minions