Genshin Impact Character Tier List (June 2024)

Genshin Impact is a popular open-world RPG that features a gacha system, allowing players to obtain powerful characters through random pulls. With a vast and ever-expanding roster of characters, it can be challenging to determine which ones are the best to invest in. This tier list aims to help players make informed decisions by categorizing characters based on their overall strength and usefulness in various aspects of the game.

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S Tier

A Cryo sword user known for her consistent and high AoE Cryo damage
Hu Tao
A Pyro polearm user who boasts the highest single-target damage potential in the game
Raiden Shogun
An Electro polearm user that provides both substantial damage and team-wide energy recharge
A Geo polearm user who offers unparalleled crowd control and shield protection
An Anemo sword user who excels in amplifying elemental damage and providing crowd control

A Tier

A Cryo bow user who specializes in dealing massive AoE Cryo damage
An Anemo polearm user who is a powerhouse in single-target DPS, especially against large enemies
Tartaglia (Childe)
A Hydro bow user who offers both consistent Hydro application and off-field damage through his Riptide mechanic
A Pyro sword user who provides essential healing and team-wide attack buffs
A Hydro sword user who is a staple for many teams, offering consistent off-field Hydro application and damage reduction

B Tier

A Pyro polearm user who excels in off-field Pyro application and consistent damage
An Electro bow user who provides consistent off-field Electro application and Oz, a summon that deals additional damage
An Electro claymore user who offers both damage and crowd control with her Elemental Burst
An Anemo catalyst user who excels in amplifying elemental damage and providing crowd control
A Cryo bow user who provides both healing and shield protection

C Tier

An Electro catalyst user who struggles to compete with other Electro characters
A Pyro bow user with underwhelming damage output and utility
A Cryo sword user who is outshined by other Cryo characters in most aspects
A Geo claymore user who can be a decent healer and tank for early-game players but falls off in later stages
The game's protagonist, who can utilize various elements but doesn't excel in any particular role