Cookie Run: Tower of Adventure Tier List (July 2024)

Discover the ultimate tier list for Cookie Run: Tower of Adventure. Find out which cookies belong in the S Tier, A Tier, B Tier, and C Tier to optimize your team and conquer every challenge.

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S Tier

Pure Vanilla Cookie
Exceptional healing capabilities and essential for most team compositions
Sea Fairy Cookie
High damage output with crowd control, making it invaluable in battles
Hollyberry Cookie
Outstanding tank with high survivability and protection for the team

A Tier

Licorice Cookie
Provides useful minions and shields, making it a strong support character
Espresso Cookie
Delivers high area damage, great for clearing waves of enemies
Dark Choco Cookie
Effective tank with decent damage output and defense reduction for enemies

B Tier

Milk Cookie
Good tank with decent survivability, but lacks the versatility of higher-tier tanks
Vampire Cookie
Strong single-target damage, but limited by cooldowns and situational use
Squid Ink Cookie
Decent area damage but less effective compared to higher-tier damage dealers

C Tier

Tiger Lily Cookie
Average damage and crowd control, outclassed by other characters
Cherry Blossom Cookie
Limited utility and lower damage output make it less viable in tougher stages
Carrot Cookie
Provides some healing and buffs, but not as impactful as other support characters