Battle Crush Tier List (July 2024)

Discover the ultimate Battle Crush tier list, ranking characters from S to C tier. Learn which heroes dominate the battlefield with top-tier abilities and strategies. Dive into detailed rankings and find out who excels in various combat scenarios. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned players looking to enhance their gameplay.

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S Tier

A baseball-playing dinosaur, Seri is a ranged character whose special ability zooms out the view, providing a wider field of vision and highlighting enemies in stealth mode
As the default unlocked character, Diana excels with her movement abilities and ranged attacks. Her ultimate does not require line-of-sight on opponents, making her very versatile
Nyx has excellent movement options and can enter stealth without being in specific terrain. She is strong in both close combat and stealthy approaches

A Tier

Medusa's projectiles are powerful, but she lacks a diverse set of abilities, making her more challenging to play effectively
Dandi's unique ability to swim more easily provides strategic advantages in water areas, though this is situational

B Tier

A specialist character with a parry instead of a heavy attack, making him difficult to master and less effective in group brawls
Known for his iconic lion’s pelt look, Hercules is visually appealing but not particularly powerful
Features a unique skeleton look but lacks the gravitas of more traditional mythological depictions
Often seen as the game's poster child, Lops has a goofy aesthetic but is still popular
King Arthur
While not necessarily from mythology, King Arthur is a fun addition with a distinct style
A mascot character with significant reach and attack size, though his moves are highly telegraphed
A stylish take on the Greek god of war, reminiscent of Dante from Devil May Cry
Popular in team compositions but not yet thoroughly explored
Another interesting character from mythology, but not widely chosen for team play

C Tier

Lacks a dodge move, which is crucial for avoiding projectiles. His heavy hitting does not compensate for his slowness, making him reliant on good team coordination