Atelier Resleriana Tier List (June 2024)

Here’s a comprehensive tier list for Atelier Resleriana, ranking characters based on their overall performance, effectiveness, and impact within the game. This list is designed to aid players in making informed decisions when building their teams and navigating the game’s challenges.

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S+ Tier

Firis (Crystal Master)
Firis, the protagonist of Atelier Ryza, shines as an S-tier character due to her exceptional crystal crafting abilities, making her a valuable asset for any team
Judie (Hero of Tempest)
Judie's proficiency in storm magic grants her immense crowd control capabilities, making her a formidable force in combat

S Tier

Corneria (No Milk No Life)
Corneria's unique ability to manipulate milk into powerful attacks sets her apart, making her a versatile and potent character
Plachta (Mysterious Doll)
Plachta's mastery of puppetry allows her to control and enhance the effectiveness of her allies, making her a valuable support unit
Raze (Sword of Light)
Raze excels as a physical attacker, wielding light-based sword strikes that deal significant damage to enemies
Rorona (5-star Pie Meister)
Rorona's expertise in pie baking grants her the ability to create powerful healing items, making her an essential support character
Lilie (Birth of The Legend)
Lilie's mastery of fire magic grants her immense damage output and area-of-effect attacks
Klaudia (One Summer Melody)
Klaudia's proficiency in water magic allows her to control the battlefield and provide consistent damage to enemies

A Tier

Sophie (Alchemist of the Mysterious Book)
Sophie's ability to combine alchemy and magic makes her a versatile character with a diverse range of skills
Tataka (Blazing Heart)
Tataka's mastery of fire magic grants her impressive damage output and single-target attacks
Logy (Ice Maiden)
Logy's expertise in ice magic allows her to control the battlefield and slow down enemies

B Tier

Charlotta (Violet Symphony)
Charlotta's proficiency in wind magic grants her crowd control capabilities and decent damage output
Letty (Little Alchemist)
Letty's ability to use alchemy makes her a versatile character with a variety of support skills
Pierrette (Puppet Master)
Pierrette's mastery of puppetry allows her to support allies and deal decent damage

C Tier

Naomi (Gentle Breeze)
Naomi's proficiency in wind magic provides decent crowd control and some damage output
Pamela (Flower Fairy)
Pamela's expertise in nature magic grants her some healing and support capabilities