Anime Dimension Tier List (July 2024)

Discover the ultimate Anime Dimension Tier List! Explore the top-ranked characters, from the unbeatable S Tier heroes to the more situational C Tier fighters. Find out which characters dominate the battlefield and which ones support the team with their unique abilities. Perfect for optimizing your gameplay and making strategic choices in Anime Dimension.

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S Tier

Zenitsu Agatsuma
Exceptional speed and agility, along with powerful lightning-based attacks, make Zenitsu one of the top characters in the game. His abilities can quickly overwhelm opponents, making him a must-have for any team

A Tier

Tanjiro Kamado
Versatile and reliable, Tanjiro possesses balanced stats and a strong skill set. His water-based techniques provide both offensive and defensive capabilities, making him a valuable asset in various scenarios
Nezuko Kamado
Known for her unique demon abilities, Nezuko excels in both offense and defense. Her regenerative abilities and powerful attacks make her a strong contender in most battles

B Tier

Inosuke Hashibira
With his dual-wielding sword style, Inosuke offers a good mix of speed and power. However, his lack of defensive abilities and lower health make him less reliable in prolonged fights
Kanao Tsuyuri
A skilled fighter with impressive speed and precision, Kanao is effective in one-on-one battles. Her abilities are useful but can be overshadowed by stronger characters in higher tiers

C Tier

While Murata is a competent fighter, his skills and stats are average compared to higher-tier characters. He can be useful in certain situations but generally falls short in high-stakes battles
Aoi Kanzaki
Aoi’s healing abilities are beneficial, but her overall combat prowess is limited. She is best used in support roles rather than as a main fighter