Wuthering Waves Echo Tier List

In the mystical world of Wuthering Waves, Echoes play a crucial role in battles. These ethereal beings enhance your team’s abilities, granting stat boosts and unique skills. But which Echoes are the best? Fear not, for we’ve compiled a tier list to guide you through this otherworldly adventure.

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S Tier: The Best of the Best

Cyan-Feathered Heron
A majestic Echo that boosts Energy Regen and Healing
Fission Junrock
Excellent for Energy Regen
Young Geohide Saurian
A solid all-rounder
Stonewall Bracer Vanguard Junrock
Tanky and reliable
Diamondclaw Sabyr
Enhances main damage types
Boar Fusion Warrior
A versatile pick for any team
Spectro Prism
Boosts overall stats
Snip Snap Tick Tack
A quirky Echo with surprising power
Zig Zag Whiff Whaff Traffic Illuminator
A mouthful of a name, but a great Echo
Havoc Prism
A force to be reckoned with

A Tier: Legendary Stat Boosts

Altered Impermanence Heron
A rare find
Bell-Borne Geochelone
Boosts Energy Regen
Electro Predator Tempest Mephis
Shockingly good
Thundering Mephis Tambourinist
A musical Echo
Chasm Guardian Spearback Chirpuff
Solid support
Fusion Dreadmane Hoochief Roseshroom
A mouthful, but worth it
Geohide Saurian Havoc Dreadmane Havoc Warrior
Echoes with attitude
Glacio Prism Rocksteady Guardian
Ice-cold power
Gulpuff Mech Abomination Excarat Flautist Feilian Beringal
A mix of oddities
Altered Hoartoise Crownless
A regal Echo

B Tier: Not Bad, But Not Outstanding

Altered Feilian Beringal Glacio
Predator Fusion Prism Inferno
Rider Lampylumen Myriad
Hooscamp Mourning Aix
Impermanence Heron Hoartoise
Young Roseshroom Chaserazor
Violet-Feathered Heron Cruisewing
Altered Rocksteady Guardian
Altered Thundering Mephis

C Tier: Barely Audible

Aero Predator Autopuppet Scout
Altered Mourning Aix