Haunted Tomb

Kudos Productions
Region: Shadow Isles
Type: Landmark
Rarity: Epic
Set: Worldwalker

Landmark - Landmarks take up a space on the board. They can't attack, block, or take damage.
Countdown - Round Start: I count down 1. At 0, activate the Countdown effect, then destroy me.
Countdown 2: Revive the strongest dead ally.

The sound of sword on shield was like a death knell, and it drew forth spirits whose tethers to the world had not quite been cut, whose will could not be quelled even in death.
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Haunted Tomb Ranked Decks
Wins: 53 ( 48.7% ) Games: 109 Cost: 23,900

Haunted Tomb Normal Decks
Wins: 19 ( 41.4% ) Games: 46 Cost: 23,900