Windswept Hillock

Kudos Productions
Region: Ionia
Type: Landmark
Rarity: Epic
Set: Worldwalker

Landmark - Landmarks take up a space on the board. They can't attack, block, or take damage.
When I'm summoned, draw a Yasuo and Stun the strongest enemy. When you gain the attack token, Stun the strongest enemy.

For most, peace is a happy home and the warm quiet found in a loved one's hold. For Yasuo, it is that rare moment when the winds calm and offer promise instead of remembrance.
Windswept Hillock Ranked Decks
Wins: 70 ( 61.5% ) Games: 114 Cost: 30,300

Windswept Hillock Normal Decks
Wins: 15 ( 53.6% ) Games: 28 Cost: 30,300