The Stagehand

Envar Studio
Region: Ionia
Type: Unit
Rarity: Common
Set: Worldwalker

Ephemeral - This unit dies when it strikes or when the round ends.
Play: Stun an enemy.

"Act Four: A young priestess enters our story. Her tale is one of tragedy, conveyed on the pale lips of those she betrayed. Desperate to repent for her transgression, she carries in her arms a great burden, a gilded gift for the Noxians she welcomed to her land. We are left to wonder: was it sorrow or the bullet that broke her heart?"
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The Stagehand Ranked Decks
Wins: 149 ( 56.3% ) Games: 265 Cost: 22,000

Wins: 84 ( 63.7% ) Games: 132 Cost: 22,000

The Stagehand Normal Decks
Wins: 9 ( 45% ) Games: 20 Cost: 22,000

Wins: 8 ( 47.1% ) Games: 17 Cost: 22,000