Maduli, The Gatekeeper

Caravan Studio
Region: Bandle City
Type: Unit
Rarity: Rare
Set: Worldwalker

When I'm summoned, plant a Chime on the top card of your deck, then double the boons in your deck.

"Gave me a right fright, it did. Arms sproutin' all over. Teeth big as boulders. Oh, and when that creature ran that mallet 'cross its teeth, made a song so eerie, thought I'd die. Ran for my life, I did. But not before I seen it... holes in the sky! Musta been hundreds of 'em!" - Old Gaff’s tale, part 4
Similar Cards
Maduli, The Gatekeeper Ranked Decks
Wins: 49 ( 50.6% ) Games: 97 Cost: 23,900

Maduli, The Gatekeeper Normal Decks
Wins: 16 ( 38.1% ) Games: 42 Cost: 23,900

Wins: 10 ( 43.5% ) Games: 23 Cost: 27,100