Burgeoning Sentinel

Wild Blue Studio
Region: Shadow Isles
Type: Unit
Rarity: Common
Set: Beyond the Bandlewood

Fearsome - Can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more Power.
The first time you kill a unit with a spell, grant me +2|+1.

What must the Mist see when it looks upon Maeve? Exuberance, confidence--irrepressible optimism. How it must long to snuff that taunting flame. For what can death fear, but life?
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Burgeoning Sentinel Ranked Decks
Wins: 57 ( 42% ) Games: 136 Cost: 28,800

Wins: 68 ( 54.9% ) Games: 124 Cost: 28,800

Burgeoning Sentinel Normal Decks
Wins: 8 ( 53.4% ) Games: 15 Cost: 28,800