Rite of the Arcane

Kudos Productions
Region: Shurima
Type: Spell
Rarity: Rare
Set: Beyond the Bandlewood

Slow - Can be played outside of combat when no spells or skills are pending. Happens after your opponent has a chance to react.
Destroy an allied landmark or one of your mana gems to deal 4 to a unit.

"A small sacrifice in exchange for great power." - Xerath
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Rite of the Arcane Ranked Decks
Wins: 34 ( 50.8% ) Games: 67 Cost: 26,600

Wins: 21 ( 37.5% ) Games: 56 Cost: 26,600

Rite of the Arcane Normal Decks
Wins: 12 ( 52.2% ) Games: 23 Cost: 26,600