God-Willow Seedling

Kudos Productions
Region: Ionia
Type: Landmark
Rarity: Rare
Set: Beyond the Bandlewood

Landmark - Landmarks take up a space on the board. They can't attack, block, or take damage.
Countdown - Round Start: I count down 1. At 0, activate the Countdown effect, then destroy me.
Play: Recall an ally to summon an Ephemeral copy of it. Countdown 3: Summon another Ephemeral copy of it.

Once, the God-Willow grew within Omikayalan. What springs forth from that place now may be stronger, may be weaker. What matters is that it is new.
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God-Willow Seedling Ranked Decks
Wins: 36 ( 55.4% ) Games: 65 Cost: 30,100