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Hyara Allseer

Kudos Productions
Region: Freljord
Type: Unit
Rarity: Rare
Set: Beyond the Bandlewood

When I'm summoned, create a Stance Swap in hand. The first Stance Swap you play each round costs 0.

Revered by all, the great shaman, Hyara Allseer, lost her sight long ago and now sees through the eyes of the hawks and eagles that nest on her mountaintop home. Now, troublesome tidings have brought her down from the mountain... she hopes the omens remain but mere visions.
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Hyara Allseer Ranked Decks
Wins: 21 ( 63.7% ) Games: 33 Cost: 25,100

Hyara Allseer Normal Decks
Wins: 13 ( 52% ) Games: 25 Cost: 25,100