Region: Bandle City
Region: Targon
Type: Unit
Rarity: Champion
Set: Beyond the Bandlewood

Attach - Play me on an ally to give it my stats and keywords while I'm attached. When that ally leaves play, Recall me.
Round Start: Grant the unit I'm Attached to +1|+1. Otherwise, grant me +1|+1 instead.

Yuumi did have to admit that for all her fussing, she did like Book quite a lot. She liked its smell. She liked its illustrations. She even liked jumping through its portals! ...but nothing was as good as just having Norra back home, safe and sound.
Similar Cards
Yuumi Ranked Decks
Wins: 42 ( 46.7% ) Games: 90 Cost: 23,400

Wins: 43 ( 50% ) Games: 86 Cost: 23,200

Yuumi Normal Decks
Wins: 11 ( 55.1% ) Games: 20 Cost: 23,200