The Arsenal

Kudos Productions
Region: Bandle City
Type: Unit
Rarity: Epic
Set: Beyond the Bandlewood

When I'm summoned, grant me a random keyword for each allied landmark you've destroyed this game. When you destroy an allied landmark, grant me a random keyword.

Wherever Ziggs went, Arnie followed, his serene demeanor a natural foil to Ziggs' chaotic zeal. His duties ranged from making sure the munitions were stocked, to putting out fires, to clapping his hands over Ziggs' ears when Ziggs (inevitably) forgot hearing protection.
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The Arsenal Ranked Decks
Wins: 59 ( 49.6% ) Games: 119 Cost: 31,200

The Arsenal Normal Decks
Wins: 11 ( 50% ) Games: 22 Cost: 31,200