Ancient Preparations

Polar Engine
Region: Shurima
Type: Landmark
Rarity: Common
Set: Empires of the Ascended

Countdown - Round Start: I count down 1. At 0, activate the Countdown effect, then destroy me.
Landmark - Landmarks take up a space on the board. They can't attack, block, or take damage.
Play: Predict. Countdown 2: Summon a Clockling.

Though they might otherwise be thought of as lost to time, buried underneath years of sand, the automata were precisely placed, simply waiting to be awakened.
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Ancient Preparations Ranked Decks
Wins: 49 ( 49.5% ) Games: 99 Cost: 31,200

Wins: 55 ( 59.8% ) Games: 92 Cost: 27,300

Ancient Preparations Normal Decks
Wins: 12 ( 60% ) Games: 20 Cost: 27,300