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Region: Shurima
Type: Unit
Rarity: Champion
Set: Empires of the Ascended

Lurk - When you attack while I'm on top of your deck, I Lurk, granting Lurker allies everywhere +1|+0. Max once per round.
When I Lurk or Attack: Grant Lurker allies everywhere +1|+0. Round End: Place me into your deck.

"Young Jhuraa was exploring, as is his way, and in a small hidden cave, discovered some ancient texts! We took them to a translator in Marrowmark, and the scrolls... they speak of an ancient terror who stalked our ancestors. A queen. A xer'sai queen!" - Fezhaur, Vekauran elder
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Wins: 8 ( 42.2% ) Games: 19 Cost: 28,600