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Hexcore Foundry

Region: Piltover & Zaun
Type: Landmark
Rarity: Rare
Set: Call of the Mountain

Landmark - Landmarks take up a space on the board. They can't attack, block, or take damage.
Round Start: ALL players draw 1.

"Let them say what they will about my methods. They cannot deny progress--the light of my knowledge is shining like a beacon through the darkness of ignorance!" - Viktor
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Hexcore Foundry Ranked Decks
Wins: 21 ( 56.8% ) Games: 37 Cost: 24,000

Hexcore Foundry Normal Decks
Wins: 10 ( 47.7% ) Games: 21 Cost: 28,000

Wins: 6 ( 42.9% ) Games: 14 Cost: 24,000