Aurelion Sol

Region: Targon
Type: Unit
Rarity: Champion
Set: Call of the Mountain

Fury - When I kill a unit, grant me +1|+1.
SpellShield - Negates the next enemy spell or skill that would affect me.
Play: Invoke a Celestial card that costs 7 or more. Round Start: Create a random Celestial card in hand.

"I don't care what you write about me, you middling creature! Just make sure I'm described as handsome. And magnificent. And also very, very intelligent. Can you spell that?"
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Aurelion Sol Ranked Decks
Wins: 44 ( 51.2% ) Games: 86 Cost: 27,500

Aurelion Sol Normal Decks
Wins: 17 ( 70.9% ) Games: 24 Cost: 36,300