Puffcap Peddler

Region: Piltover & Zaun
Type: Unit
Rarity: Common
Set: Foundations

Imbue - These abilities trigger when you resolve a spell.
When you play a spell, plant 3 Poison Puffcaps on random cards in the enemy deck.

"These any good?" "Of course! They're all top notch! Spoke to them myself!" "Okay hand em--wait what?" "Mmhmm! Getting married, this one!" "How many have you had...?" "--to a barnacle!"
Similar Cards
Puffcap Peddler Normal Decks
Wins: 15 ( 48.4% ) Games: 31 Cost: 28,000

Wins: 8 ( 47.1% ) Games: 17 Cost: 24,000