5 Swiftshot + 3 Astral

Last updated 2022-08-09 02:35 for 12.14 Patch

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Leveling guide

Stage 2
Level up to 4 early if you want to start a win streak. Level up to 5 to try and continue the streak.
If you're weak in the early game, you can opt to save gold and lose streak instead.
Stage 3
At Round 3-2, level up to 6 regardless of your start. Put together the strongest team you can.
Stage 4
In the 1st round, go up to level 7. If you are weak, lose a few rounds to stabilize your build. After that, go up to level 8 and complete the build.
Popular Swiftshot Normal Team Comps
Avg Place: 4.9 Top 1: 1706 ( 7.7% ) Top 4: 9550 ( 43% ) Games: 22240